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If this looks like an old favorite? That's because it basically is...

The Perfect C103 Powerteam Lightweight plastic canister vacuum cleaner is just like the old Electrolux plastic canister you're used to! Same body style as the Electrolux Hi-Tech 2100, Ambassador III, Diplomat, and Lux 5000. This vacuum cleaner is built to last a lifetime and provide easy cleaning abilities to the user. The two motor system in this machine consists of a 12-amp suction motor in the body of the canister and a powerful brush motor in the power nozzle to spin the beater bar. If you're accustomed to the old design of the Electrolux plastic canister vacuum, you'll love the Perfect C103 Powerteam Lightweight. With it's 360 Degrees swiveling handle and the classic L-shaped power nozzle, cleaning under tables, furniture and other hard to reach places is simple.

If you suffer from allergies and asthma, using this vacuum in your home can help to alleviate even your worst symptoms. This is because of the electrostatic micron after-filter used to filter the motor exhaust of this machine. With this feature, harmful particles are trapped and easily disposed of rather than released back into the air of your home. Dust and dirt are no match for the Perfect plastic canister's premium set of attachments including a hardwood floor brush, belt-driven power nozzle, and a 3-in-1 dusting brush, upholstery and crevice tool.

This durable canister vacuum is ergonomically designed and extremely user friendly with a carry handle located at the front of the canister, automatic cord rewind, and swiveling front wheel that allows the machine to move in any direction with ease. Also included is an additional telescopic wand for an extra long reach where you need it most to prevent outlet changes while cleaning. The body is constructed of durable plastics and uses a wire-reinforced crushproof hose that will not break when pulled or stepped on.

Features and Specifications:

  • Built in Storage Ring for convenient wall mounting
  • Easy Step-on On/Off Switch
  • All Chrome trimming for Attractive Look
  • Easy tool storage holder (holds Combination Dust Brush and Crevice tool)
  • Bag Lock-out Switch (if bag is not installed properly, the machine will not turn on)
  • Durable Metal Body
  • Rubber Coated
  • Extra Large Non-Marking Bumpers
  • Rubber Coated Rear Wheels
  • Large excellent quality cord winder cord Easy locking – Easy retraction
  • Double Row Bristles for rug and floor cleaning
  • 15 inch L-shaped Power Nozzle w/Geared Belt and Circuit Breaker



  • Manufactured by PERFECT
  • Model #C103
  • Shipping Weight 0lbs
  • Part #130C103

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