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News: "Consumer Reports" often gets it WRONG!

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

First of all, they don't test every vacuum, so how can they tell you which one is best? ROYAL, the only all-metal vacuum still made, has almost never been rated (maybe Royal doesn't "play nice", if you know what I mean). Second, they run a vacuum for a couple minutes and write about it. This tells you nothing about durability (all brand new vacuums will last for 5 minutes in a laboratory setting; what about when the kids beat on it for 3 months?). It also produces faulty dust emission ratings, as a brand new filter will usually contain dust for the few minutes of run time. After 3 months when the "HEPA" filters have had dirt coating them & air pushing the dirt through, it's a different story. Also, I've never heard of them using long hair as their "test dirt", and hair is the number 1 killer of plastic vacuum parts. In summary, nobody is an expert on everything, and judging from the vacuums that they have rated as "excellent" (when they were actually borderline junk) over the years I would question their methods - politics? random guessing? They might do a great job rating on everything else, but with vacuums - take it with a grain of salt.


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