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News: Repair History = Sellability (for us anyway)

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

To dove-tail with the above desire to gather information before you buy, this is the most sound data available:

In 2013, we repaired over 8,000 vacuums and carpet extractors at our 3 stores!!! That has been our typical annual average (although I don't have the energy to quantify 70+ years of sales data). While we like voluminous customer traffic, we'd prefer those patrons to be happy, not irate because WE sold them a bad vacuum! When you buy a vacuum from a place that doesn't repair them, the machines they stock are NOT stocked based on how well they last, and since those stores now send you to a warranty station (hey, that's us!) instead of refunding your money, they really don't have to take responsibility for the quality of the product. We DO take that responsibility for what we sell you. If price is your sole consideration, you can buy very low-priced vacuums here, but you'll always be told honestly what to expect from said purchase.


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