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News: Why We Do Other People's Grunt Work for Next to Nothing

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

We are the WARRANTY SERVICE CENTER for : Hoover, Eureka (Electrolux), Royal, Riccar, Dirt Devil, Bissell, and probably some that I'm forgetting. You might think that having to repair hundreds of Walmart-calibur vacuums for free even though we didn't sell them would be irritating to us, but...

1) We get to learn what's out there & what the common problems with it are. (Sometimes we get warranty repairs on vacuums that are so new that we never knew they existed yet - THAT'S a bad omen!) That's how we stay informed about things that we don't sell, and learn what we don’t WANT to sell.

2) When the customer expresses dismay/disbelief with the quality of their purchase, we can tell them what we know about their purchase, compare it with their household situation, etc., & advise them on whether they can expect on-going problems. Of course, there are always better vacuums within eye-shot, if a customer is so inclined to look. It's actually the perfect time to directly compare features between the "prone to break" machines & the "prone to last" ones.

3) It's good PR. Although we can't throw cash around like Bill Gates, we take pride in helping people in our community the best way we can - with good service. I believe doing "free" warranty repairs and giving free estimates has been the best advertising we have ever done. Chances are good that "getting done right" by us will come up in some future conversation with friends or family, thereby drumming up new, future patrons.


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