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News: Now Your Vac Can Have A Ball

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

When you employ marketing wizards, your company can invent a problem that doesn't exist, then "solve" it for you. For example : that vacuum cleaners are hard to steer. They're not, nor have they ever been! Think about it - you've NEVER complained about your ability to turn your vacuum. "Hey Bob, this Hoover needs a front-end alignment or something - I can't go left with it!" In fact, if you have a thumb & 1 finger, you can turn your vacuum any way you'd like. The "solution" to this "problem" - a ball-like swivel deal that actually puts all the weight of the vacuum not only in your hand, but when you pivot it, all the weight (at least 15 lbs) is pitching & rolling in your wrist. Good luck getting rid of that carpal-tunnel syndrome with one of these vacs! To me, using one of these vacs is a little like wrestling a salmon. A traditional, older-style upright leaves you with almost no weight in your hand & steers effortlessly. They never bragged about it because it was a non-issue. Aside from the obvious (if you ever look at one) quality issues, this is an unnecessary tangent in vacuum design that many consumers blindly believe is better because the company trying to sell them said so. Having said all this, companies with GOOD engineers ( eg., Miele ), made a true swivel that is extremely responsive without much effort from the user. Though Dyson calls their vacuums “The Ball”, it actually behaves more like a LOG in that it really doesn’t roll side to side unless you’re going fast & straight – you know, like when you’re vacuuming your 100 foot long hallways.


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