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News: What is your FREE Time Worth?

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

To keep a bagless vacuum working properly (or at least o.k.), the user has to of course dump out the cup, and then clean the filters regularly - the owner's manuals say after each use. Many people have proudly told me how they take the vacuum out to the garage & blow out all the filters with their air compressor. I kind of did the math on how much time this probably takes as opposed to changing a $2.00 bag (which takes me about 10 seconds and creates no dirt cloud) and I came up with about 20-30 minutes from start to finish for the filter removal & blow-out on the bagless vac. This is also close to what we spend here when we vacuum off customer filters & unclog them with our shop machines. I have so little free time that I can't put a price on it; the last thing I would want is to give myself more chores to do! So I say, with the same amount of pride, that I save my precious free time for more important things, not to mention by not creating clouds of dirt that end up back in my living space that I'll have to clean up again.


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