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News: Everyone likes paying less for things, Especially Big Store Chains

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

One problem with success from selling quality products is that it tends to get diluted when greedy upper management tries to continue their exponential rates of return, which is what investors want from them. In doing this, though, they sometimes flex their giant muscles towards their parts suppliers. I believe it was Toyota that expected their parts suppliers to reduce their prices to Toyota, every year. So in a world where everything generally goes up in price, here are vendors whose raw material, labor & energy costs go up, having to sell for less every year to their big sugar daddy (and sometimes only) client. Guess how they do it? Do they lose money to accomodate their bully customer? No - they make the part cheaper. That's how an otherwise great company ends up with cars that need to be recalled.

Why am I talking about this? Because it happens with vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners. After about the 50th carpet cleaner warranty that rolled through our store with the same problem (a defective brush turbine), I finally paid attention to the fact that they were all the same color & model #, and they were all exclusive to Walmart and Menards. The machine was basically identical to the more expensive ones, except this turbine was a different part number. So Walmart bullied Hoover into putting a crappier turbine in their model so they can pay less for it (and pass the "savings" on to you, nice guys that they are).

Long story short - the better turbines won't fit in there, so they fail again after the warranty is up, and you're out blowing your "savings" on another one - possibly from us for a few bucks more but without any corporate-windsor-knot-necked shakedown artists meddling in it's design and construction. In the end, you'll own ours for 5 times longer - an obvious value and a huge savings of the only priceless thing you own - your time on Earth.


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