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News: HEPA but Designed To Blow Dirt Around?

Article Date(s):07/20/2018

When the 1st bagless vacuums came out, they built them pretty well. By that I mean tightly fitted together. And they didn't have thermal cut-outs, because until then vacuums didn't really overheat to any dangerous extent, so they weren't ever needed. But the companies didn't account for the fact that customers weren't going to clean the filters after every vacuuming or 2 ( because the marketing implied they'd be maintenance free!), so when filters clogged, the air couldn't get out of the vacuum & it burned up, melted or occasionally started on fire. So now they have thermal cutouts to shut them down, and generally shoddily- assembled housings ( I say on purpose ) so when it clogs up, the air ( and dirt ) can escape out the ill-fitting housings. That means a fancy "HEPA" filter is doing nothing for your allergies because the dirt is bypassing it on it's way back into your air. And, now the vacuum will last until the warranty is expired. Nice guys!


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