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News: The WORST Dirt Blowers? Often Times it's HEPA Vacuums with Big Filters

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

Sound backwards? It's not if you think about it. As your thick, space-aged "HEPA" filter gets coated (& clogged), your motor tries with increasing pressure to do it's job (which is to push air through the vacuum). It eventually either pushes the dirt through the filter, or (more commonly) the dirt will find an easier way out where two un-sealed housings join.  Being "HEPA" used to mean something, but the rules for the term's use have changed recently. Apparently, a vacuum only has to be "HEPA" when it's brand new, with brand new filters, etc. Most vacuums will be "HEPA" when they are new - you need to know which ones will be "HEPA" in 4 months, because your family will still want to breathe clean air 4 months later, I'm sure (especially the ones with asthma).


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