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News: Lightweight DOES NOT mean easy to push

Article Date(s):09/28/2016

It can, but it depends on the carpet (& the vacuum). Some 8 lb uprights (that are closer to 9 1/4 lb if you actually weighed them) have no front wheels & just float ("self-adjusting"), so on thick shag, the front-end gets buried somewhat in the thick nap, whereas a 4-wheel adjustable vacuum ( twice as heavy, even), can be "backed off" the carpet allowing the user to push it easily. If your main concern is carrying it up & down stairs, then focus on weight. But you WILL sacrifice power, as "lightweight" means smaller motor. We sell one that out-performs the more heavily-hyped ones – and it’s assembled in America for good measure!


And with the advent of these new “SmartStrand”  carpets, there are very few vacuums that are useable at all. We’ve tested the lists of recommended vacuums published by the carpet manufacturers and they are mostly errant. The best way to get it right is to try some in person somewhere, preferably with a spare piece of your new carpet.





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