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The Henry Company - 80 Years of Customer Service

Following the First World War, America found itself in a booming economy. Many factories had converted to manufacturing steel and aluminum parts for the war effort, giving rise to sort of an Industrial Revolution, and giving rise to a booming vacuum industry. The new wave of Upright Electric Vacuum Sweepers promised to ease the work load of and lift the middle class woman out of drudgery. and so it began...

The year, was 1939. The household vacuum had shown staying power in the business world and had now become a staple of most homes that could afford them. The vacuum back then was one of your 3 main purchases, Your Home, Your Car and Your Vacuum... everything you needed. As World War 2 gripped the planet in fear and turmoil, work began to become scarce, needing to take care of his family, the time seemed right to start into a new business to make ends meet and our founder, Harold Henry, did just that.

Times during the war would be tough, purchases would dwindle and what you had, you needed to make last. Seeing an opportunity presented by the large amount of vacuums that were sold and were being sold, Harold took his chances and opened his own vacuum repair shop, Henry's Sweeper Service, to fix and tune-up all those vacuums that now required maintenance.


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